Meet Phil Nash

Could you introduce yourself in a few lines?

Hi, I'm Phil Nash. I'm a Rails and front end developer from London, working at Mint Digital. Outside of coding, I have a passion for great beer and just started brewing my own (it doesn't taste bad!).

You're giving a talk at Rulu this year. What will you talk about?

I'm talking about front end performance and Rails, getting together the two sides of what I do. Performance is hugely important to the web and how we optimise our front end is just as important as getting our database queries running quickly. We'll look at how to make our front end fast now and how the rules will be changing with HTTP2.

Three properties:

  • You code with: Sublime
  • You test with: MiniSpec, MiniTest
  • If Ruby was forbidden, you would code in: Javascript

What Lyonnaise specialty will you give a try this year?

Quenelle sauce Nantua

What are you working on these days?

I am currently working on DeskBeers, a company within Mint Digital that aims to delivery craft beer to your office on a Friday afternoon.

What are the talks, books, libraries or commands you think more people should be aware of - because, well, they make your life so much better!

The Ruby-Test package in Sublime Text makes my testing so much faster. And I've always loved Tom Stuart's Programming with nothing talk from Ruby Manor 3.

Anything to add before we wrap this up?

I'm very much looking forward to coming to Lyon, meeting a whole bunch of new people and hopefully trying some of the local beer!

Ruby Lugdunum (aka RuLu) is a two-day conference dedicated to exploring the Ruby language and basking in warmth of the amazing Ruby community.

RuLu 2014 takes place in Lyon, France on June 19th and 20th. Have a look at the talks, read the blog and get your ticket!