Meet Yannick Schutz

Could you introduce yourself in a few lines?

I'm Yannick a belgian developer. Working mainly in Ruby. I love burgers and ruby so it came out that organizing Rubyburgers was a pretty smart idea. I'm a new dad and that's the most fantastic project I ever made. You might also see me talk about beers or coffee.

You're giving a talk at Rulu this year. What will you talk about?

I decided that the Ruby community, and most specifically the Rails one, have to stop thinking that their database is just a datastore. So I'll speak about special use cases of Postgresql. How you can use it in ways you may have not think about yet. And how you can embrace that tool to have a blazing fast and awesome app.

You attended Rulu in 2012 and 2013. Are you excited to talk at Rulu 2014?

I'm terrified for giving a talk!

What makes you come back to Rulu this year? What did you like about the previous instances?

Rulu is a small conference which is really about people. The format of the conference made possible for me to speak with so many great people. I remember asking Terence Lee, in a so shy way, why he liked his camera so much, and he answered me with the same passion he has with ruby. This is that kind of moment that make me come back every year at Rulu. Also your 'bouchons' are amazing.

Three properties:

  • You code with: Vim

  • You test with: RSpec, MiniTest

  • If Ruby was forbidden, you would code in: Go

What's your favourite Lyonnaise specialty?

The "Boudin Blanc"

What are you working on these days?

I'm finishing a contract with frontback, a mobile photo community. It's amazing to see people sharing small stories in only two pictures. I'm working more and more with Golang and try to build some little pet projects with it. And in a few weeks, I'll be joining the tools team at Heroku. So I don't know really what I'm working on when this will be published, but it's gonna be great.

What are the talks, books, libraries or commands you think more people should be aware of - because, well, they make your life so much better!

Anything to add before we wrap this up?

Go to and open a chapter for your city. And also, come talk to me at Rulu.

Ruby Lugdunum (aka RuLu) is a two-day conference dedicated to exploring the Ruby language and basking in warmth of the amazing Ruby community.

RuLu 2014 takes place in Lyon, France on June 19th and 20th. Have a look at the talks, read the blog and get your ticket!